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The Minitor VI Pager is available in a Single or a 5-Channel model, with 8 positions, improved battery life (up to 80 hours) and message management. With the introduction of the Mintior VI comes new features and functions you have been waiting for along with the standard features of the Minitor V you are use to. Some standard features even received a makeover.

Message Management
Up to 16 minutes of voice recordings which can be managed accordingly. You can now turn your pager off and not worry about losing any stored messages. "Lock" your message so you don't inadvertently delete them. Pick and choose which message to listen to. Message management buttons include:

| Play | Fast Forward | Rewind | Skip to Next | Return to Previous |
| Lock | Unlock | Delete All |

Always On
This is important to those who have issues inadvertently tuning their pager off. Even when the On/Off knob is switched to the Off position, if the pager is programmed to be Always On it will stay ON. Never miss a page again because your pager was accidentally turned off.

Announcements available in Male or Female voice.

*Function Switch Announcements
This feature allows users to enable or disable the voice announcements when the pager is turned ON or the function switch is moved to a new position, and upon the release of the Reset button. Available on positions A-H. Chose from standard announcements or customize what the announcement says for your specific page/department. For example you could have the following messages play depending on the A-H Position switch:

Little Falls Fire Page - Tone & Vibrate
Monitor All Stearns County Fire Channel Pages
Clearwater Fire Page - Vibrate only
Alexandria Fire Channel - Push to Listen

***Battery Level Announcements
This feature allows the user to get voice feedback for the battery levels on the release of the reset button. Note: The LED indicator will also reflect the battery level with release of the reset button with or without the announcements being enabled. Battery levels announcements and indicators are:

|  Battery Full (green)  |  Battery Medium (yellow)  | Battery Low (red) |
|  Battery Critically Low (flashing red) |

Customizable Alert Tones & Vibrate
The Minitor VI comes standard with 10 pre-programmed Alert Tones but you now have the ability to customized up to 5 of your own alert tones. Also chose between Standard and Pulsed vibrate.

Fixed Alert
If you utilize the beep mode, it can be fixed so the alert tone is always loud, regardless of where the volume control is set; or it can be variable, adjusted with the volume control. When there is a danger that the volume control could be turned down by clothing rubbing against it, the fixed loud alert option may be desirable to avoid missing a page. This option has no impact on mode positions with vibrating only alert.

Reset Function
The Reset Function can be set to either "Quiet" or "Monitor". If set to Quiet the pager will automatically reset back to the quiet "closed mode" once a page is received; only your department's pages are heard. If the Reset Function is set to Monitor, the pager will remain in the "open" mode after a page is received; you will hear other pages sent out by your county's dispatch center (such as neighboring departments) until the reset button is pushed.

Alert Types
The Minitor VI has three different modes of alerting the user of a page, beeping, vibrating, and beeping and vibrating together. The eight switch positions can each have one of these modes assign to it.

Motorola Minitor V Pager

 Pager Alert Tones:
click on the play button for each alert tone below to hear a audio recording



alternative 1

alternative 2

alternative 3

alternative 4

alternative 5

alternative 6

alternative 7

alternative 8

Programming Setup Form


Push to Listen

Push to listen is a feature that is useful in a meeting situation or if you are at a location where you want the pager to notify you, but not interrupt the people around you. If a position on the pager is programmed for push to listen, when a page is received, the pager will vibrate but the dispatcher's voice will not play over the speaker. When the user is ready to hear the dispatcher's voice message, the user simply pressed the voice playback button on the pager.

Pager/Monitor Mode
Minitor VI pagers can be programmed for a selective call "Pager" mode, or for a "Monitor" mode. In the selective call "Pager" mode the pager will not make any sound until your specific department page has been received. In the "Monitor" mode you will hear (monitor) all radio traffic on your county's paging channel, such as your neighboring departments.
***Privacy Mode
Turning Privacy Mode ON, will disable the ability to monitor the channel when you press and hold the Reset button.

The Minitor V pager can be programmed with multiple department codes, such as fire and ambulance codes. We have some users that have pagers alert for both a fire and ambulance page. Some departments have an extra page assigned to officers. Some departments like to be notified of specific alarms. For example, we have a department that has a system setup to automatically page if the sprinkler system in the fire hall is activated.  If there are questions or requests for these multiple page code options, please contact us. Different sounding alert tones available for these additional page codes, making it easier to identify what page is being received.


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