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Granite Electronics, St. Cloud Minnesota

Motorola Batteries

Your radio is only as strong as the battery that powers it. Make sure your two-way radio batteries are proven tough.

Motorola Battery Warranty

Battery Tip Card

Why are Motorola Batteries "Proven Tough"? Find out what tests Motorola runs their batteries through and what a battery is made of...Proven Tough Batteries.

Motorola's IMPRES Smart Energy System is a unique battery charging and reconditioning solution that automates battery maintenance, optimizes cycle life and helps maximize talk time so your radio system will be charged and ready to go whenever you need it. IMPRES Radio Batteries last a lot longer and save you a lot more! Learn more about Motorola's IMPRESS batteries.

Get the most from your batteries and minimize costs. Granite Electronics carriers a full line of IMPRES batteries and chargers. Let us explain the benefits of IMPRES batteries and what they can mean to your businesses bottom line.


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