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Granite Electronics - Linked Capacity Plus, wide area two-way radio system

Granite Electronics Linked Capacity Plus (LCP) commercial two-way radio system is a Multi-Site trunking system that uses UHF Digital technology on the  MOTOTRBO platform. Granite Electronics LCP offers Central Minnesota radio users a wide area, simple to use radio system, for an economical price. Three towers currently serve Central Minnesota, they are located in St. Cloud, Avon, and Monticello. We can tailor the effective range of your service by using either one, or a combination of towers. As you grow, the system can grow with you.

Granite Electronics LCP MOTOTRBO commercial system can provide you high quality and immediate communications, simply and affordably, with no FCC license, high-powered transmitter or antenna towers to purchase. You can use your current MOTOTRBO radios if compatible (see below). Purchasing or leasing equipment also available.


Monthly Cost
Includes UNLIMITED airtime on the Central Minnesota tower(s) of your choice.
Available Towers: St. Cloud, Avon, Monticello, Baxter or Ogilvie.

 Single Tower Voice Communications

$18 per month  

Includes UNLIMITED airtime on the tower of your choice.
 Two Towers Voice Communications

$21 per month  

Includes UNLIMITED airtime/roaming on 2 towers of your choice.
 Three Towers Voice Communications

$23 per month  

Includes UNLIMITED airtime/roaming on 3 towers of your choice.
 Full System Roaming (ALL 5 Towers)
 Voice Communications

$25 per month  

Includes UNLIMITED airtime and roaming on ALL Central MN towers (St. Cloud, Avon, Monticello, Baxter and Ogilvie) within Granite Electronics LCP System.
 Text and GPS options available


Text and GPS options are not currently offered but are available upon request. Contact Granite Electronics for a quote on these services.
 Equipment Leasing options

starting at   
$10 per month  

Is your current equipment not compatible or your not interested in purchasing new equipment? We offer the option of leasing MOTOTRBO Mobile and Portable radios that will equip your fleet with the next generation of two-way radios.
 Compatible Equipment




Portables XPR UHF Radios

XPR3300 XPR3500 XPR 6350 XPR 6550
XPR 7350 XPR 7550 SL 7550

Mobile XPR UHF Radios

XPR2500 XPR 4350 XPR 4550
XPR5350 XPR 5550


System Coverage
The map below reflects mobile coverage and shows the five current towers in Granite Electronics LCP system. The RED areas show excellent coverage, GREEN is good, and YELLOW is marginal.


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